Address: 73-7 Tomari, 

Shimamaki, Shimamaki-gun HOKKAIDO

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わたしたちは、「WWOOF Japan」に登録し、ホストとしてさまざまな人達に畑や農的な暮らしのお手伝いをしてもらっています。



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Provides short term work experiences on farms, lodging establishments, and ski resorts for people looking to live abroad.

*What we do---Schedule 
April: plant seeds,watering,operating greenhouses, plant seedlings.building new greenhouses. 
May: plant seedlings,watering and operating greenhouses, building new greenhouses.weeding. 
June: taking suckers off,wrap branch around strings,weeding. 
July: taking sucers off,wrap branch around strings,picking worms,weeding, start harvesting cherry tomatoes. 
August: Havesting cherry tomatoes almost everyday,select and pack them in boxes and more. 
September: Harvesting cherry tomatoes,select and pack them in boxes and more. 
October: still have some harbesting tomatoes but start clean the field.agricultural materials and plants. 

*Daily schedule 
In summer we have breakfast at 5AM,go to the field and work 6hours a day just before have free time in the afternoon. 
In spring and Autumn,we start later in the depends on the sun rising time and temparture and weather. 
Lunch time:about 12noon 
Dinner time:about 6PM 
We have little children.we go to the bed about 9PM.

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